January 15, 2012

2012. The Year I Get My Ass Back

*Warning. This post is full of very short sentences.*
OK bitches. Enough is enough. It is time for "Project GetmyfatassarmsandthighsinshapebeforeIhavetoputonshortsandswimsuits".
Over the Christmas season I ate alot of crap. And I enjoyed every second of it until my pants got too tight and I felt like dog poop.
Then I got depressed and ate more junk food and continued to feel like death.
It's a never ending cycle.
You see, I have this condition. I like to call it Denial.
I can look in the mirror for months and think I look good but then one day I wake up, put on my jeans and notice that I am cushy-mushy. DSC_0420
I am at the point now where I am not happy with the way my clothes are fitting and the way I feel.
I don't want to suck in my gut all day every day.
I don't want to wear long sweaters to hide my ass.
I do not want my children flapping my arm wings any longer.
And these zits. Man, I don't know about you but I have more zits now than I did throughout my entire teen aged life.
Life is cruel.
So I have decided to do something drastic.
Like, I mean friggin monumental.
2012 will be the year that I put myself first.
I will go to the gym.
I will go running. I will run a 5k...maybe even a 10k.
I will not feel guilty about taking "me time".
I will allow myself to do the things I want to do because I am realizing that life is too short to put things off...to put myself last.
I went to the gym three times last week and worked out for 90 minutes a day.
 It felt so good to sweat and hurt.
I almost even sang out loud to my workout tunes but thought people might look at me funny.
 And when I was doing weights, I might have even grunted a bit. *dontcha hate when people do that?*
 I am determined this time. Except I refuse to step on the scale. I just want to feel good and have my pants fit.
And lose the jiggly wigglys.
That's all.


Jenners said...

You go girl … get that ass back!

Elaine A. said...

Me too girl, I MUST get back it at. Damn good food. Geez.