January 31, 2012


This boy is 8 years old.
January 31, 2004, this boy decided to make a very fast entrance into this new world.
This boy has reigned control over our lives ever since.
This boy, at the age of 8, wears a mens size 8 shoe.
Yes, really.
He loves boxers...
yo dude shoes...
and hoodies.
This boy is the spitting image of his father...
...and his uncle...
...and looks nothing like his Momma.
This boy loves Zoodles...
...and orange juice.
..and...well, just about anything with lots of sugar!
This boy still says "blanklets" instead of "blankets".
"Mom" instead of "More".
"Tomatoes" instead of "potatoes".
And the "f" sound instead of the "th" sound.
This boy could be a sports star if he didnt let his anxiety get the best of him.
An A+ student if he would just take the time to do his best work instead of simply getting the work finished.
This boy is an expert at one-liners.
Quick with his comebacks.
And quite possibly the funniest human I have ever known.
This boy has no interest in reading...
...playing on the computer...
...or anything that requires him to sit still for long periods of time.
This boy prefers physical work...
...or wrestling.
But forgets that he is stronger than most.
This boy knows how to drive a tractor...
...use a lawnmower...
...ride a horse...
...drive a snowmobile...
...and a dirtbike.
This boy is never quiet.
When he talks.
When he walks.
When he eats.
When he sleeps.
When he showers.
This boy loves to cuddle...
and hug.
Although he would never admit it.
This boy loves to go to bed early...
and wake up early.
Just like his Dad.
This boy has my heart in the palm of his hand.
He knows how to make me smile...
This boy is my everything.
My whole ball of wax.
My whole caboodle.
My whole enchilada. 
My whole shebang.
You get the idea.

Happy Birthday to My 8 Year Old.


Kathryn Caldwell said...

You have the cutest boys! Happy birthday to him! Doesn't the time go by FAST?

Emily Hope said...

This boy is awesome.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh... big boys. So bittersweet.

MamaB said...

He is one SPECIAL boy and you are lucky to call him your son.... Beautiful pictures of the first 8 years of his life....what a handsome young man he is!!

Gigi said...

He is a BEAUTIFUL boy! 8 years old - wow! That was a good year. Happy birthday to your boy!

Jenners said...

Oh … I just loved seeing him at all different stages of his life!! He is a gorgeous boy … wiht apparently very large feet! WOWZA!

Foursons said...

Happy 8th Birthday to that sweet (BIG) boy! I love reading about him, he is so full of...boyness. (And I happen to love that characteristic.)

My jaw totally dropped at his shoe size. I can't even begin to imagine how tall he is going to be!