February 28, 2012

10 Year Old Attitude

I have always gotten teary-eyed when talking about the love I have for my children.
How much I wanted to become a Mother.
How I just knew being a Mother was what I was meant to do.

But being the Mother of a 10 year old boy is not what I signed up for.
I get teary-eyed for different reasons now.
I am thinking of moving out until my boys are....umm...adults.

I used to work with children.
My job was to support/teach children...and some of them were 10.
I came home at the end of my work day grateful that I didn't have a 10 year old.
The attitude.
The language.
The attitude.
I came home.  Sat in my quiet house.  Hugged my dog.  Dreaded my next day at work with 10 year olds.

Now I have a 10 year old.
I cannot escape.
The attitude.
The language.

Don't get me wrong.
I love him madly, but living with a child who thinks he is an adult and knows everything about everything wears thin.  Living with a boy who {is too young to be obsessed with girls}  is obsessed with girls and feels the need to call his Mother, "woman" instead of "Mom" takes a toll on me.

I still love my 10 year old more than anything, but when he constantly feels that he is entitled to have anything and everything he wants, it irks me.
When he calls his siblings "losers"...
...plays on the computer 18 hours a day...
...eats 17 cookies for snack...
...and expects an allowance after doing...umm...no chores, I get a little frustrated.

OK, alot frustrated!!

But I love him.
And I love being his Mother.
I just wish he would realize that no one will ever love him more than me.
I just wish he would write me love letters instead of his girlfriend.
I just wish he would appreciate all he has.
And work for what he wants to have.
I just wish he would stop eating so much.
Or get a job to help pay for groceries.
But that would mean he would have to get off of the computer.

10 year old boys are tough.

Hold me.

Live and Love...Out Loud


tahlia @ the parenting files said...

gee, i can only imagine how tough they would be! That moment just before adolescence where they are also trying to decipher who they are. Hang in there! x

momto8 said...

hang in there!!

Gigi said...

Lots of hugs. And some wine.

I've been there, I know. Just keep telling yourself that this too shall pass.

Foursons said...

I have one in my home too. I'll buy a big bottle of wine to share.

Jenners said...

Oh no … I have this to look forward to???

Stacy Uncorked said...

This is exactly why I'm not looking forward to the tween years with Princess Nagger (and eventually Little Dude). I have a feeling I'm going to be lamenting the same things. :)

Warrior Cat Entrepreneur

Heatherlyn said...

Just wait until he is 16!

Vickie Tite said...

Oh my any tips on this, feeling very much the same about my 10 year old at the moment and would very much welcome some tips please x