February 26, 2012

Random/Miscellaneous/Snippets/This and That

It's all I have got right now people.
Momma is mind farting and has no frickin idea how to word a proper post at the moment .
So take this, for now.
Don't judge.
Just accept me during my ups and downs.

*Middle child saved up his money and purchased an Ipod Touch this weekend. I play on it when he is on the toilet, in bed...and just about any other time he isn't not in the room. I am in love with it. Completely.

*Can we take a moment to watch this just because it makes me me laugh. And we all have experienced something similar at least once in our lives. C'mon, admit it. I wont tell anyone.

*I have no interest in seeing "The Artist".

*Signed up three children for sports teams this summer.  I will now be selling my body to pay for it all.

*Momma:"I love you Princess"
  Princess:"Will you still love me when I'm stinky?"

*Ike and Duke the horses have been bad lately.  Not only did they chew through the electrical cord that heats their water trough {which could have resulted in horse electrocution}, but they have done this to many trees on the property.

*Middle child won an award this week. I got teary-eyed for a few reasons.
-Because he looks about 2 years older than the rest of his peers
-Because he looks about 6 years older than the two girls to his right who are only a year younger
-Because he was soooooooooooooo nervous, but got up in front of many people to shake the Principal's hand and to receive his award
-Because my baby is growing up

*Dear Winter. I am done with you. Take a hike. Love Momma

*God and I are not on good terms right now. In fact, I am quite ticked off with him lately and I am currently giving him the silent treatment

*I am only 2 followers away from 300! I always say that it doesn't matter how many people read my stuff, but I cannot lie.....I am giddy with excitement over the fact that I am almost out of the 2 hundreds. I want to celebrate. I want to give away stuff. Maybe some of my favourite things. Or hugs and wet kisses. But that would be weird right?
I just love you guys so much
(((((Group hug)))))


The Lovely One said...

It took me a minute to get you were morphing those other kids faces! At first I thought, "oh my gosh! What's wrong with that poor kid!" I'm not very bright!

Kathryn Caldwell said...

LOL! to The Lovely One! After watching that video I am still giggling and your comment made me spit out my coffee! What a good way to start the morning! Thanks "Momma"!

Elaine A. said...

You know I would re-follow you if I could! ;)

Jenners said...

Bridesmaids friggin rocks! Love that movie. That scene is just killer. My husband I were dying over it!

Bad horses. Don't kill yourselves … or trees.

Why does your son go to school with Klingons?

Foursons said...

I have a tall boy too. I love it and hate it for him. I think once they're older it will be more of an asset for them.

As far as those trees- shame on the horses!!!

Heatherlyn said...

The ipod thing made me chuckle. My step-daughter hides hers when she goes to school because if she doesn't her mom will play on it all day when she is at school and drain the battery. :)