May 30, 2012

What's Growing On???

Ohmygoodness, I crack myself up.
There is alot growing on around here.

I love this time of the year. Don't you?
Aside from the fact that my back hurts and the inside of my house looks like a bomb hit it, I am quite happy with what I accomplished this week outside.
Stuff has been planted.
Stuff is growing.
Before I know it, this garden will be full of yummy fruits and veggies.
I might even make Aunt Polly's pickles again.
Maybe even some homemade tomato sauce.
I might chop up my peppers so I can freeze them and use them throughout the winter.
Kale chips will be attempted.
And maybe even some of my grandma's famous icicle pickles.
I am most excited about the strawberries though.
Because my kids eat them constantly. too.
With ice cream...and cake...and just about anything else.
Smokey the cat must be close to becoming a Momma. Then what do we do????
I am so scared she is going to birth many babies that we will then be responsible for.
I always thought it would be nifty to be a crazy cat lady, but never thought it would happen.
And never considered the cost involved.
Have I ever told you that we were told Smokey and Blackie were males when we went to pick up our barn kittens?
They are both females.
If I didnt love them so much, I would take them back to the farm we got them from.
She is cute, but, man she wears thin at times.
She never shuts up.
She is bossy.
A total diva.
Her favourite word is "cwap" aka "crap"
and "penis".
Good thing I love her so much.

Whats growin on at your house?



Buttons said...

What is growing here today is HAY so much Hay which is good because we are farmers. Pretty soon it will be Work so much Work. :) I am in Canada too. B

Heather said...

omg goodness that black and white is beautiful. You love them so much and the attitude is the only part that you hate. My 7 yr old has gotten a little better but omgoodness is still a total drama queen. Love all the veggies yum, I wish we had more room to grow more. Hoping next yr. We are getting ready to build a lettuce box.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well, your title IS funny! Looks like the growing is going well!

Elaine A. said...

OH her eyes in that pic... so gorgeous!

And yep, you're about to be a kitty mama, for sure! ;)

Wish I could have your garden... wow.

Roberta Josephine said...

Ha! Loved the prego kitty photo. And I love how you collaged your pics. It inspired me today! Thanks for linking.


Jenners said...

You may have 10s of kittens on your hand! Lots and lots of photos please!

Nancy said...

Lots of flowers and tomatoes growin here. Your garden looks awesome!

Your little girl is so cute -- I never had a girl, so I'll take your word for it that's she's sometimes a handful! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

You aren't kidding! Everything is growing over at your house! WOW! Love your little girls image. So pretty. I can't see any attitude at all in it...but I can just imagine : ). Have a lovely weekend.