November 10, 2012


He is healthy.
Sometimes I wish he could be a tad lazy.
He prefers the outdoors.
Mostly because he can chase the cats.
He has sharp teeth.
We now owe my mother a new coat.
He has solid poop.
Adios, coccidia.
He enjoys sitting beside Studley's burial spot.
So I let him.
He can finally go up and down the stairs.
He can also ring a bell when he wants outside.
Except he does it every 23 seconds.
He wants to be BFFs with Ike the horse.
Ike wants to step on him.
He barks at the vacuum.
I laugh when I should be teaching him not to do it.
But it is just so funny.

We love him.
And want 5 more just like him.


Melanie said...

Ah, he's so adorable! I want to hug him. And his ears are so huge.

Thanks for making me smile.

Lindsay said...

He's so cute!! Now I totally want a German Shepard! Maybe I'll convince the hubby after we move into our house next year:)
I love your Jersey updates, keep em coming:) said...

What a cutie pie!

Tracy Joyner said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! Makes me want to post one about my own little shadow... She follows me everywhere.

Crystal Ponti said...

From a lifelong GSD owner and mama, love him! He reminds me of my last male, Luger. Miss that spitfire. What a great boy you have! Enjoy the moments!

YolandaR said...

I have never had a dog, but if I did I would want one of these. So cute!
Thanks for sharing on YSB this week.

Twisted Cinderella said...

He is a cutie!

Foursons said...

How sweet that he lays by Studley's grave. He must KNOW that the best dog in the world is there.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Adorable and cute ~ lots of personality ~ great shots ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Jenners said...

Oh those ears just slay me! He hit the doggie jackpot when he came to live with you. (I'm not saying YOU did … but he DID.) He's a gorgeous dog!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Hope he grows into those ears of his!! They're almost rabbit ears!! Adorable Pup!! Looks like you're going to be kept busy for many years to come!! Have fun!

Emily S said...

Look at that tail?! What a cutie little mischievous guy. I'd totally take a dog if I weren't responsible for it!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

He is so beautiful! Your commentary put a big smile on my face. :)

Nancy Claeys said...

Just a warning -- he will be your shadow for the next 15 years. Male shepherds are so loyal, it's annoying! Lol.

He's adorable.

Heatherlyn said...

He sounds like the sweetest dog!!!

Elaine A. said...

That is THE cutest dog! And you could totally have 5 more!