June 28, 2013

Here for a good time.....not a long time.....

Sooooo.....things are still busy.
Like so busy I go the whole day without peeing.
So busy my garden looks like a weed garden.
This past weekend was the boys lacrosse championship weekend and we watched 8 games. 8 GAMES in a hot arena with sweaty tweens and waytoocompetitive parents.
Then there was soccer and dog training, a sick kid, the final week of school and a huge award for one of my kids.

I have so much to tell you.....when I have more time.

For now, lets share in some random crap.
 I enjoy random crap.

1. Last year we brought a large piece of driftwood home from my family's lake shore property and plopped it into a large planter/garden thingy in front of our garage. This year, these beautiful violets have grown in front of it. We didn't plant them. This makes me happy.
True story. These are the healthiest flowers currently growing on our property. The other flowers I did plant.

2. Ike the horse did this. He is trouble.

3. My newest niece was born on June 20. She is perfection. It makes me very emotional just thinking about this little beauty because my little brother is a daddy. The kid who used to eat all of the cookies and steal the remote control from me now has a daughter. My brother is a daddy and his daddy isn't here to witness it.
Or maybe he can see everything and we just have to make sure his newest grandchild knows all about him. *sniff*

4. Jersey the dog might be starting a raw diet soon. Who would have thunk we would end up feeding our dominant/high prey drive/brilliantyetsobad dog raw chicken parts??!!!!!
Dear Jersey. Don't attack little animals, but go ahead and eat this raw animal meat.

5. These two offspring of mine fight constantly. It boggles my mind how two people who share very similar personalities can fight one minute and then play together the next like nothing happened.
This is them kicking grass because apparently that is fun to them.
Only 9 weeks until school starts............
*Prize for the person who knows who sings the song of the title of this post

Weekly Top Shot #87


Sharon said...

You violets made me smile. But it's your dog Jersey that made me click to your post. What a handsome dog! Visiting from A Rural Journal.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Jersey is such a gorgeous boy. Raw diet? You must tell us more. Mine get what they get. We're poor. Help us. Lol.

Gigi said...

It is that time of year, isn't it? When life just explodes into crazy busy-ness. Can't wait to hear all about it - when you have time.

Val Klic said...

Trooper :P
Love your randomness

Heatherlyn said...

The violets are a lovely beautiful surprise. I love it when things like that happen.

Cyndy Bush said...

Love the violets. Very cool.