July 03, 2013

Lake Louise

I am going through severe Mountain Withdrawal.
I am convinced it it is a real sickness.
One that people {who experienced the beauty and freshness just a few weeks earlier,} suffer from when they go back home to boring flat land.

I love Ontario, but nothing compares to the beauty of the mountains.

I am convinced Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places in the entire Universe.
As I walked along the trails surrounding the icy, blue/green water of the tiny lake, I wondered if Heaven looked like this.
I wondered if my Daddy was in Heaven looking at a similar view.

It was a nice feeling.

Other things I thought about.
How cold is that water?
What does it look like here in the winter?
I really should have wore more appropriate footwear.
I wonder if people have their ashes scattered here when they leave this world.
I would like to live here until I leave this world.
I hope we don't run into a hungry bear.
I am hungry.
Add "Travel through Canada in an RV" to my Bucket List.
Next time go hiking with Bear Spray.
And snacks.
My shoulder hurts.
I need to purchase a smaller camera to take hiking.
But, no camera photographs could ever compare to seeing this view up close in real life.
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Heatherlyn said...

That is so amazingly beautiful!!!! I want to go visit Canada now!!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures!!!

Foursons said...

I'm in. Oh wait, was I invited? Doesn't matter, I'm including myself anyways.

Nell at njschout said...

Yes, Lake Louise is absolutely gorgeous!

Marty Hadding said...

How absolutely gorgeous!

Gigi said...

As breathtaking as the pictures are I can only imagine what it must look like when you are standing there!

Heatherlyn said...

Where is that? I would seriously like to add it to places I'd like to visit someday.

Elaine Alguire said...

It's SO, so true. I took a million mountain pics while in Jasper. I'm still sad we missed Lake Louise. Next time, hopefully.

Your photos are GORGEOUS!