July 09, 2013

Boys in Goggles.

So, it has become a yearly event to take pictures of my boys wearing swimming goggles.
I don't know.
Because it is so unbelievably cute and funny I guess.

I mean, really.
Look at this.

Cute and funny, right?
Ten Reasons Why I Love These Photos.
Just because.
1. They have their arms around each other without any punching, pinching or hitting involved.
2. They were captured at my favourite place in the world.  The family lake shore.
3.  A smile.
4.  And a funny face.  Very typical of each child.
5.  The ears.  OMG!
6.  Pure joy.
7.  Exactly 32.5 seconds after these photos were taken, one pair broke and I got yelled at for buying "cheap goggles".  Whatever.
8.  Natural, spontaneous poses make me so giddy I could squeal.
9.  My kids are handsome.
10. My kids are still kids and sometimes I need to see photos like this to remind me how precious these years are and how important it is to breathe in the little moments.
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Gigi said...

Seriously cute and funny! These pictures will bring back so many memories in a few years!

Diana M. said...

These are totally awesome! It's such a neat yearly tradition that makes me think I should start something similar.

Thanks for including Toronto Teacher Mom in your linkup!