January 28, 2014

I am a parenting failure and Cindy is horny.

Sometimes I don't enjoy this whole parenting thing.
Sometimes I remember my life before children, when I could come home from work, eat dinner in front of the TV, watch my shows and go to bed without being responsible for anyone but myself.
It seems so easy now, even though I thought my life was stressful at the time.

This weekend one of my {headstrong, speakbeforethinkingwithoutanyconcernforfeelings} informed me that all of his friends' Moms bake homemade stuff whenever he is there for a play date.  He always gets to eat banana bread or something yummy for dessert when visiting.  He also let me know that his friend's Moms are "always happy" and "in a good mood".

That's not all.

Apparently every other family does fun stuff every single weekend and our family never does any fun stuff and he doesn't think that is fair.  He thinks that every weekend our family of 5 needs to head north to go skiing, or go bowling, or tubing, or to the movies, or rock climbing, or to a hotel.

Basically he thinks money flies out of our asses.
And he has forgotten that we took him to Disney world two months ago and are taking him to Great Wolf Lodge in a few weeks.

I think he was trying to make me feel bad, and, in all honesty, I did for 0.3 seconds.  Not because he was right, but because he doesn't appreciate a damn thing we do for him.
He doesn't realize that my life is lived for him.
He doesn't realize that everything I do is to create the best life for him.
He doesn't remember the {many} times I bake banana bread, muffins, cupcakes, brownies and other treats because I know he loves them.
He doesn't think of the many times I rub his tummy because it is sore....
the times we have dance parties in the living room....
the times I AM in a good mood.
He cant appreciate all that he has because he is too busy thinking of everything he doesn't have.
My solution to this?
My first thought was eating myself into a chocolate coma so I could escape all of my "I am failing as a parent" feelings, but, eventually I would wake up.
Then I thought I could make him get a job so he could do all of those fun things that cost money, but, he is still too young.
So instead I am officially going on a baking and "good mood" strike.
And I am cancelling our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

OK, not really, because I want to go.
I just have to figure out how to stay in a bad mood while there.
I need a group hug {and hard liquor} because this parenting thing is just a big wad of suckage right now.

In totally unrelated news, Cindy the pony is in heat and harassing Ike the gelding.
She's basically twerking in his face until he tries to mount her.
Then she kicks him.
And how was your weekend?
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Gigi said...

Yup, parenting IS hard. And no matter what you do they never seem to appreciate it. Particularly when they are in their tween/early teen years.

This too will pass...eventually.

Foursons said...

Hang in there. One day they will have kids of their own, read this blog post and come apologize. At least I hope they will. :)

Carol L McKenna said...

It all goes by 'in a blink' ~ Great horse photos ~

carol, xxx

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, yes, the guilty years....Just smile and tune it out because someday they will realize how fortunate they had it. Sometimes it is good to bring them to places like orphanages or poor sections of town to show them where you might drop them off if they keep it up. *grin* xo Karen - visiting from 'A View From Right Here'.