January 24, 2014

Looking for a silver lining.....

Dear Mother Nature.
Right now, I hate you.
Love Momma

*For the last 4-5 days, it has been around -20 degrees Celsius.  One day it felt like -35.  Do you realize how cold that is?
It is so cold that my boogers froze almost instantly.
*It's so cold that my piece of s^%$ vehicle wont start and hasn't started for almost 4 days.
I am a prisoner in my own home and I am about to lose my effing mind.

*My kids have had indoor recess at school for days which means they are going stir crazy, which means they are driving me to pull my hair out strand by strand.
True story.
I hid in the bathroom for a very long time yesterday pretending that I was experiencing a case of poop soup when really I just wanted to get away from the little shitheads fighting.

*The horses don't want to be outside.
There is bunny poop at every door to the house because I think the poor buggers are trying to break into the house during the night.
The cat{s} are nestled in the hay to keep themselves warm.
And I have a cough.

*The silver lining to this piece of crap weather???
Its so cold that Jersey the dog doesn't even want to run away.
And we can have an ice rink on our back field.

Dear Mother Nature
Maybe "hate" is a strong word.
I guess you're OK..
Love Momma

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Maggid said...

I KNOW, right? People are beginning to do an official count down for Spring . . I've never seen that before . . .

Hang in there.

Buttons said...

So all is well eh:)
Yeah I am tired of this so called Arctic Vortex I know it is Canada but I was hoping for more normal stuff. Poor Bunny they are trying to break in here too it seems to be an epidemic:) B

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 'normal' in any home with kids couped up for the winter... LOL Lots of poop going on at your house. LOL

Snap said...

im sorry, but i did giggle while reading your post. just loved the way you stated the *polar vortex*. i think everyone is dreaming about spring. stay warm.

Jeanne said...

We can all hope that spring will come soon. I live in texas, and it has even been cold here. Tires of cold! Loved your shots though and the snow is beautiful.

Karen said...

Your post made me laugh so hard I spit my tea all over my computer screen! It's feeling like minus 25here this morning, and all my car doors are frozen.

Nancy Claeys said...

It's been a tough winter, but your post made me feel better about being where I am. :)

hula-la said...

Yeah, old man winter is giving us the business this year for sure! Laughing out loud with you here...Stay warm and safe and dry! Aloha

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love your son's bright jacket. you will never lose him in that snow with that color. nice!! ( :

augcott said...

Your boogers froze!!??!! LOL
I so enjoy your blog!

Have a toasty weekend....diane @ aug's blog

Sarah Huizenga said...

My daughter was having the same problem with her car up at college, she goes to school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We had to get a new battery when she was home for Christmas, even that one was only 1-1/2 years old.

Foursons said...

I about swallowed my tongue when I read that your kids are still going to school. We were *just* below freezing here and had a flurry or two (which hasn't happened in at least 3 years) and the entire city was shut down. Highways, stores, EVERYTHING. You would have laughed your head off.

Lolli said...

I feel almost the same way...and we haven't had quite as much snow or cold weather (if you call 18 degree highs not so cold). I am tired of it!