January 15, 2014

Jersey the {Typical} GSD

The other day as I watched my dog wander across the road after yelling "No" 2979385794367 times, shaking the treat bag, turning on the vacuum, stomping my feet and almost doing the ugly cry in our driveway while wearing my pyjamas, I had a thought.

OK, I had a few thoughts.

But the thought I want to talk about here is this......

......Jersey the dog is too smart for me.

I mean, really.  If a scary woman was yelling at me to "come", when all I really want to do is check out the fun smells across the road, I would run the other way.

And that is what he did.
Because he wanted to.
Because he knew that there really was no way that I could stop him.

I'm pretty sure he laughed at me as he ran in the field to eat bunny shit.

So I went to the store looking for "Pet Containment Systems" because I just cant do the ugly cry in my driveway anymore over this animal who constantly wins.
Guys, guess what?????
Every photo on every box was a German Shepherd!!!!!!!!!!

I had another thought......
....Jersey the dog might just be a typical German Shepherd.
For months I have been convinced he suffered PTSD because of coccidia/a kick from a horse/cutting his paw open/a whack to the eye from a tree branch....but, nope.
He fits in with the description of the breed.

Highly active indoors
Highly active outdoors
Highly vigorous and energetic
Highly dominant to strange dogs
Moderately dominant to familiar people
Highly territorial
Low sociability with strangers
Highly protective

People, I need a dumb dog.
One who listens to me when I call because he wants a treat or a pat on the head.
One who is too afraid to venture out into the world because he loves me so much he would never want to leave.
One who prefers belly rubs to playing fetch 6 hours a day.

But instead, I have Jersey. 
The dog who constantly tests my sanity.
The dog who is allergic to poultry.
The dog who protects my daughter from the blow dryer because he thinks it is a gun.
The dog who herds Cindy the horse into the barn.
The dog who toboggans.
photo (4)

I guess I will keep him, but maybe I could get a little Shih Tzu or something too.
Oh, wait, Jersey might eat it......

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Carol L McKenna said...

Jersey sound like a very special dog ~ love her and your photos of her are wonderful ~ fun post ~ carol, xxx

Elaine Alguire said...

ha ha ha! But he's so darn gorgeous. And that last pic totally cracked me up! What an awesome dog. Really. :)

bettyl-NZ said...

Great post! Sometimes, you just have to concede defeat and try another tactic!