October 06, 2009

"You have your hands full"

Being a mother of three young children, I am well aware that my hands are full. I realize that my life is somewhat...umm...chaotic. I am not stupid, thank you very much.

I made these three hellions with help of course. I carried them for months on end allowing myself to gain 50+ pounds (each time), with acne and severe muscle spasms. I birthed each one all by myself, anxious and excited to see the best gifts of my life.

But, no, I did not know what I was getting into.

The thought of my little angels coming into this world all beautiful and smelling baby-ish made me crave being a mother. The thought of dressing up these little angels, making happy face crafts and Play-doh snakes made me crave it even more.

Being a mother is what I was put on this Earth for.

But taking three children out in public who whine, complain and ask for every single piece of candy they see is not what I was put on this Earth for. Being seen in public with children who have holy jeans and muddy rubber boots on is not what I pictured in my mind all those years ago.

I wont even mention the fact that they refuse to wear underwear.

Having older people tell me "You have your hands full" while walking with my three whiny hellions is definitely not my idea of a great time.

Having it happen multiple times during one outing makes me think it is time for me to run far, far away.

Or to offer them to the people who stare, smile and tell me I have my hands full.

Because I was not put on this Earth to be embarrassed day in and day out.

The End.

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Heatherlyn said...

I should not be laughing. But there are days when I can feel your pain. Whining kids are the pits. I have one who can't think if her brother makes any sort of noise around her. So we are waiting for child #3 to finish her dance class. Like a good mommy I brought some books to have child #4 read to me to make good use of the time and do her daily 20 minutes of reading. But she cried because little brother was making noises. Quiet, soft, car noises. Not disturbing anyone around him. He's been waiting for over an hour now and being really good. But instead of reading #4 cries in the most pathetic way possible because he's making a noise and it bothers her. I'm sure I looked like the biggest looser of a Mom trying to coax her into doing her reading while she's throwing her pathetic fit over NOTHING!!!! Yes, I love my children. No, I do not love the "Mom he/she is talking, breathing, looking at me!" aspect of it.

Theta Mom said...

OMG! Where have you been all of my blogging life? LOL You are what I totally stand for as a Theta Mom, mothers who aren't afraid to talk about the REAL DEAL. Why didn't anyone tell us the Earth would shift a little bit when we had children? Something must be in the water, you should read my latest post. I found you from Foursons and I am totally following your blog, because you had me at this post! Would love for you to check out my blog and feel free to follow as well! :)

Jen said...

I HATE that comment. I get it all the time too and it usually comes more often when the kids are messing around and not behaving. Sometimes it takes all my self control to not cuss out the people.
I know this store embarrassment well. We should swap stories some day.

Foursons said...

Oh girl- I feel your pain! I think old people see us young mothers with multiple children and feel all nostalgic or something like that. That is their way of empathizing but being thankful at the same time that they are long past this stage in life.

I have old women and men smile at me all the time when I have Jakob and Nolan out because of their "boy" behavior. I always wonder what they are thinking.

momma23 said...

Oh I completely feel your pain! I have 3 children, the oldest 2 are 17 months apart - 3.5, 2, and a 4 month old. There are many days when I want to smack the people who say oh you must have your hands full. Why yes, I do - would you like to come help me at 4 in the morning when the baby is up, or at dinner time when everyone is hungry for something different and I'm running in 6 different directions? New, and totally addicted, follower to your blog!