April 03, 2011


One year ago today I was visiting my dearest Uncle in British Columbia who had just received some unexpected tragic news.
It would be the last time I saw him.

dave and vikki

One month ago today I was watching my little brother marry his soul mate in Cuba.


And today I sit here at home with cheesy chicken in the slow cooker, laundry in the dryer and the vacuum scattered around the living room floor.

Time is a weird thing isn't it?
No matter how sad the circumstances or how joyful the circumstances, time just keeps passing by.
Day turns into night.
Night turns into day.
Life just keeps going on.

Note to self.
Do not allow life to pass by without soaking in every second. Every emotion. Every single small moment.


Jenners said...

All the moments--big and small-- need our attention. Lovely post.

Gigi said...

After the day of introspection that I've had I'd say you are 100% correct in this observation.