August 15, 2011


I have nothing for today.  My mind is blank...err...should I say full of random nothingness.
I will post random pictures that have nothing to do with this post just because.

Here goes.

I am in potty training hell.  itwillbeworthitintheenditwillbeworthitintheenditwillbeworthitintheend

I spent four hours at the mall with all three of my children today.  I deserve an award and a huge paycheck.
Things that happened during my four hours of ummm....bliss.
*Princess went to the potty 3547483 times
*Rowdy tried on 47902357 pairs of shoes
*We ate unhealthy food
*Messy and Rowdy got into a wrestling match in the shoe aisle and I told them I would "smack their buttocks and embarrass them even more than they are embarrassing me"
I have never said that before
I turned around and laughed at myself
*The boys found a small football shoes aisle and threw it.  The employee almost caught it. 
I was embarrassed
The boys were terrified
I turned around and laughed
*All three children asked for new hermit crabs 4629 times.  I said no 4629 times
*Middle child wears a size 7 men's shoe.  Hold me.
*One child told me that he had the "best time ever"
*I needed a drink when we got home

Can someone buy me one of these please?  

Took the kids and Studley the stinky dog for a walk tonight.  Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing my little girl walking her baby doll in her little stroller.
Studley crapped on the road 4 times.  Yes, I picked it up- and tied the bag around his collar.

I rode Duke the horse last night without a saddle.  I said a prayer and held on to his mane for dear life. 

I am reading this book.  Love it.

Recent dinner time conversation
"Mom, have you always called girls privates a vajayjay?"
"Nope, I didn't know that word until a few years ago"
"What about penis'?  Have you always called it a wiener?
"Nope, we used to call it a winky woodle"
"Ya ya. Anyone want more veggies?"

Have a great night friends.


Foursons said...

Ummm...I had a comment. Then I read the last conversation and my mind went blank. Sorry. :D

Gigi said...

Yup, having children definitely leads to dinner conversation such as that!

Minivan Mama said...

You had me at potty training hell. I'm right there with you!

Dawn Markievich said...

It's great to know this "typical" life in the day of a mommy is exactly that, typical. Love how you write!

Heatherlyn said...

I like your random posts and your random pictures. Great pictures!