December 06, 2011

I am old. Just ask my children.

Remember when you were young and knew everything about everything and thought your parents were old, didn't know anything and were out of touch with what is cool?
Yeah, I have hit the olddontknowanythingoutoftouchwithwhatiscool stage and it is great fun being made fun of by my children.
Apparently the song "Sexy and I know it" is the best song ever. To me, it just looks like a bunch of party animals shaking their jewels.    

And this is a pretty good song too but is getting "old" don't ya know? To me, this guy has a really annoying voice after you hear it over and over again.
Apparently it is cool for 7 year olds to wear droopy pants with plaid boxers hanging out at the top.
And it is funny to see how many gummies you can stick in your mouth before Mom notices.
Farting is a skill.
And belching is great fun while sitting at the dinner table.
Wearing gloves and hats is totally for little kids.......until they have to stand outside to wait for the bus.
Calling each other a "bastard bitch" makes sense.
Teaching your sister to say the a-word makes all of your friends laugh.
Signing out a super cross magazine from the school library because there are pictures of women in bikinis is totally fine....for a 7 year old.
Giving the argument that it is OK to stay up until 930pm on a school night because then you will love me tomorrow makes total a 9 year old.
I am still baffled.
Minecraft is the greatest game ever invented and all 9 year old children should be allowed to sit at the computer for 24 hours at a time building crap out of bricks.
If 9 year old children are not allowed to do this, then apparently their Mother is old, mean and are not allowing their children to learn valuable skills.
Because maybe they will be designers, architects or high paid engineers when they grow up.
A pretty genius attempt at convincing the Mother that she knows nothing.
Except I know something.
I need the computer to blog.


Gigi said...

Yeah, I am/was one of those oldmeanmomwhodoesn'tknowanything.

Stick to your guns - you are doing a great job!

Jen said...

Minecraft is also the game that keeps 30ish year old men awake till 3am.

And yup, I am married to that man.

Elaine A. said...

"bastard bitch"? That's a new one for me.

Although I'm not quite tired of the moves like Jagger song yet. So where does this leave me.

And yes! MUST have computer to blog!!!

Heatherlyn said...

First off, that "sexy and I know it" song doesn't really count as a "song" does it? I thought it was like one of those joke-songs but then they play it on the radio all the time ... baffles me. It reminds me of a bad updated rendition of right-said-Fred's "too sexy" back in the day, which, in my opinion was a much better spoof on the "too sexy" thing.

Mine craft is a hit here at our house. That means your kids could start playing it as young as 6 and STILL be playing it with their friends at age 14 ...