April 08, 2013

I effing hate cancer.

Aside from the fact that my daughter, husband, mom and other friends and loved ones were born in April, this month totally, completely sucks rocks.

I effing hate April.....except for a few dates.

You see, my daddy had cancer.
We lost him to Heaven last April and I am struggling to smile and get through this month as we celebrate spring, birthdays etc etc.
Because I miss him so much it hurts.

April is Cancer Awareness Month and many volunteers will be out and about selling daffodils.
Daffodils are flowers.
Daffodils are pretty.
I like to say daffodils.

Please buy some.
Or buy a daffodil pin for every single coat, purse, bag, article of clothing you own.

Purchasing these helps to support the ongoing cancer research that one day will cure this horrible monster.

I effing hate cancer.
I hate that it took my daddy.
I hate that it took my husband's dad, who, believe it or not, had the same cancer as mine.

Both of our fathers had esophageal cancer.
I have noticed that many U.S states have declared April, Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month but haven't noticed much attention given to it here in Canada.
Lets change that.

Throughout this month I plan on sharing my opinions/thoughts/experiences on esophageal cancer as I now consider myself an expert.
Not really.
But my family experienced it and I don't want anyone else to, because it...well.....ummm.....was exceptionally shitty.


Now go buy some daffodils.
And then buy some periwinkle esophageal cancer merchandise and display it so we can get the word out.
{found on Pinterest}



Jennifer said...

This past March was the first one I've been able to get through without completely breaking down. It has been 11 years. You still need more time.

Buttons said...

Oh I hate it too sadly for the exact same reason as you. HUG B

Jen said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It will never completely fade.
I was in Canada for ten years and bought Daffodils every time. Whenever I see them now I am reminded of what this month means and pray for those living and gone because of Cancer. My heart and prayers go out to you.
It's been a while since I came across your blog and thought I'd compliment you on your style. Lots of fun to read.

Jenners said...

Just yesterday we visited my husband's uncle who is dying of cancer … and not expected to live much longer. It was also the 8th anniversary of his mother's death .. from cancer. I hate cancer too.