November 30, 2011

Stuff that happened in the last 24 hours

*7 year old child wore his father's deodorant because he says his armpits stink and he "just can't take it"
*same child bathed in his father's cologne before going to school but I made him change because it made everyone around him gag
*he told me I was the worst Mother in the world 
*it rained non-stop for 24 hours
*it also snowed
*and was very windy
 *9 year old told me hated me
*7 year old told me he hated me
*3 year old told me she loves me
 *I cried. I have issues.
*3 year old washed her hair with my body lotion 10 minutes after having a bath
*7 year old decided to shave. With his father's razor and shaving cream. He shaved his face. He is 7 years old and did not need to shave
*I was horrified
*I am terrified he is going to have a beard by the age of 9
*I cried again


Jen said...

Now that is what I call a shittastic day!

Gigi said...

Yeah, I think Jen said it all!

OneMommy said...

I'm sorry to say I was laughing by the end of your list, only b/c I can see this happening here one day.

I have had 2 children bathe in my favorite lotion after they had baths.
My daughter is extremely fascinated by deodorant, and she is just 4, so... give her a few years, sigh.

Hope the next day was better!

Jenners said...

I"m sure it was awful for you but this gave me the giggles!