December 29, 2011

2011- Year In Review

2011 sucked monkey balls.
OK, it wasn't that horrible I guess.
...yes it was.
I am forcing myself to look back on the year to find some of the good things that happened in hopes that I will forget the bad.
....wishful thinking I am sure.

My second born son turned 7 years old.  I am still having a difficult time with this because it feels like just yesterday that he came into this world before the doctor was able to attend.  I also started running...err...jogging...err walking fast.

My oldest child turned 9.  His last year in the single digits.  I am still having a very difficult time with this because, well, I am not old enough to have a kid this age.  My daddy celebrated a birthday.  Husband found Duke the horse.  It was love at first sight.  We left for Cuba to attend my little brother's wedding.

I consider our trip to Cuba to be one of the highlights of this craptastic year.

We spent the first week in Cuba.  It was heaven.  I didn't want to come home.  I decided I would like to move there.  My little brother got married and he and his newlywed wife celebrated birthdays.  I was still running.  Husband found Ike the Horse.  He fell in love. 

Princess turned 3.  How is that possible?  Husband celebrated a birthday.  He is old.  Prince William and Princess Kate got hitched and she wore the same wedding dress as me.  Ok...almost the same.  My mommy celebrated a birthday.

I had a birthday and fell into a deep depression because I am old, have acne, wrinkles, cellulite and gray hair.  Whatever.  Ike and Duke came to live at our house. Princess decided that she would only wear dresses and flip flops.  Rowdy had a needle and screamed so loud, we had to be let out the back door of the doctor's office because of complete embarrassment.

My dearest Grandpa passed away on his 60th wedding anniversary.  Smokey and Blackie the barn cats came to  live at our house.  School ended for the year.  I fell into another deep depression because my children would be home for two straight months.

We celebrated Canada's birthday.  I tried my hardest to keep my children busy so they would not kill each other.  My grandma turned 80-something.

We said goodbye to Clyde the bunnyGrandma and Grandpa celebrated 75 years of wedded bliss.  Grandpa turned 95.  We said goodbye to the crib and I fell into a deep depression because our lives as parents of a newborn were over forever.

BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!  Princess started taking dance lessons.  Studley wasn't doing too hot and we prepared ourselves to say another sad goodbye.


Messy tried out for the school volleyball team.  A HUGE accomplishment.  Ike and Duke were the stars of the community.  Studley turned 12.  Oldest child chose to go trick or treating with his friend instead of his own family.  I fell into a deep depression because my children are growing up.

Hubby and I celebrated 11 years of marriage on the 11th day of the 11th month in the year 2011.  I received a nasty blog comment. and fell into a deep, dark depression because there are people in the world who don't like me.  We went to Disney.

I consider this to be another highlight of this shittastic year.  The Disney trip, not the nasty blog comment.

I got sick. We said goodbye to Fluffy the bunny.  Princess got sick.  Rowdy got sick.  Christmas overwhelmed and stressed me out just like it does every other year..... and I fell into a deep depression because another year of my life is gone.

Happy friggin New Year.


Foursons said...

2012 is gonna be a great one- I just know it!!!

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OneMommy said...

Hope 2012 brings you great joy.

Kids growing up sucks.
My youngest doesn't want me to rock him at bedtime anymore. :(

Jenners said...

Try not to fall into so many depressions next year!!

Wishing you a wonderful 2012! Hang in there Studley!

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Sorry 2011 was craptastic, but I am hoping 2012 with be a great year for you.