December 28, 2010

Year in Review. Kinda sorta.

I am not a mushy person. Except my tummy.
But as I sit here missing my boys who are away with their Grandma and watching my daughter wear her Snow White princess shoes as she sings "Tinkle Bells", I cant help but feel a little mushy.
And alot emotional.

I am blessed.
Not one day goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am to have all that I have.

But none of it matters, except my family and all of those who I love so dearly.
The moments I witnessed and took part in during 2010.
The memories we created.
The smiles.
The accomplishments.

Those are what matter.

The kindergarten graduation.
The first time water skiing.
The smiles on my children's 94 year old great grandfather's face just because they came to visit him.
The hugs from my husband.
The first day of school.
The singing and dancing to any kind of music that played on the radio.

The tears because my children got a boo boo.
The "I'm sorry"'s.
The "I love you"'s
The reunions with distant relatives.
The sad goodbyes.
The cuddles.
And kisses.

The moments.

2010 was a wonderful year.

January. I began my weight loss journey and healthy living lifestyle.  I had had enough of feeling yucky and was determined to get the old Momma back.  Middle child turned 6.

February.  My oldest child turned 8.  My youngest child had her first hair cut.  My father celebrated his birthday.  And I took alot of pictures.

March.   We went to the zoo.  My brother and his fiance celebrated their 30th birthdays.  I survived a week with all three children at home.  I taught my readers about milk in a bag.  And we found out some devastating news.

April.  My parents and I flew to British Columbia to visit family after receiving devastating news.  Princess turned 2.  Mr. Momma turned 35.  And I continued taking alot of pictures.  Momma's Momma celebrated her birthday.

May.  I showed my readers my hometown.  My family lost a member.  I turned 35.  Blech.

June. I prepared myself for a summer with three children at home.  We gardened.  And went swimming.  Middle child graduated from kindergarten and I cried.

July.  I wrote a poem about Studley.  Grandma turned 83.  Our garden grew...and grew.  I attempted {and failed} water skiing.  My family stayed in my great grandmothers home.  We celebrated Canada Day.

August.  We were busy.  My family witnessed a miracle.  I saw my boyfriend, John Mayer.  Mr. Momma built a fence.  I lost 33 pounds.

September. The kids went back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I gave photography tips.

October.  I had my first photography job!  I broke my foot.  Studley turned 11.

November.  Momma and Mr. Momma celebrated 10 years of marital bliss.  Chloe the cat died.  Our bunny died. 

December.  We were busy.  Enough said.


When I started blogging, it was an outlet to hold on to my sanity. Then it became a way to document the stories of our lives. My readers have made it much more than that and I thank you for your support as I crawl myself through this journey.

Thank you for joining me.
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Jen said...

It has been quiet the year.

Here's to a great 2011.

Aunt Crazy said...

It feels to me like the year passed by as quickly as I read this post. It's been quite a year for you and your family.

Gigi said...

Wow - it's hard to believe the year is about over and that I've been here to witness most of it with you. 2010 certainly had more downs than ups for our family, but I'm still counting it as a great year as I've met such wonderful people - like you. Here's hoping 2011 is great for all of us.

Elaine A. said...

I love the kids jammies!! And yes, what a year - WOW! Congrats on your awesome weight loss and best wishes for a wonderful 2011!!

I am Harriet said...

33 lbs is impressive!
Great photo!

Have a great day!

Scary Mommy said...

Isn't blogging amazing? :) And, 2011 WILL be the year I finally lose some weight- you're an inspiration!

parentingBYdummies said...

Holy freaking weight loss batman! Way to go girl. Keep up the good work and so glad you are a part of this community!

Jenners said...

I do think blogging is a wonderful way to keep track of all that stuff that happens in our lives ... much of which might have gotten lost otherwise.